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Jim D. Lowry 

Has  been an automotive enthusiast 
since his teens. He later in life  discovered diesel, biofuels, and their efficiency, after purchasing a Diesel Mercedes 300SD.  He was then hooked on all things Bio energy, and diesel related.  Please donate so that Jim can keep this important site as up-to-date as possible, thank you.

*$2.28 per gallon algae biofuels?

In California, OriginOil announced a new company study indicating a potential production cost as low as $2.28/gallon ($0.60/Liter) for gasoline or diesel using a blend of algae and waste feedstocks, using the latest growth, harvesting and fuel conversion technologies from OriginOil and other innovators. OriginOil’s comprehensive model analyzes the entire algae production process at scale, integrating the latest advances in growth, harvesting and fuel conversion.

In the lowest-cost scenario, algae harvested using OriginOil’s Algae Appliance is blended with waste feedstocks and converted onsite to achieve a modeled production cost of $2.28 per gallon for gasoline or diesel. This cost roughly doubles to $5.44/gallon ($1.44/Liter) when using pure algae feedstocks. The model assumes a production footprint of at least 50 hectares (124 acres). Source 'Biofuel Digest'

*Jet Fuel production is one of the most important drivers of making inexpensive algae biofuel a reality.